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Number of aluminium modular mailboxes with front or rear mail retrieval, with key or latch lock, and engraved numbers plus one box engraved body corporate (if applicable).

Polyester powdercoating to AS3715-1989 including pre-treatment in colour and finish or natural anodised aluminium.

Built into masonry wall, in accordance with manufacturers recommendation and to comply with AS/NZS 4253:1994 and Australia Post height requirements or Freestanding on MailSafe (70mm x 70mm) aluminium powdercoated stands or to be inserted into concrete or bolted onto concrete or side mounted to mailbox bank or wall mounted onto surface of masonry wall using MailSafe wall mounts.

MailSafe to confirm size of penetration and tolerance allowed.

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Polyester powdercoating to AS3715-1989 including pre-treatment OR natural anodised aluminium
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