The original

Speak with our friendly team to find the right commercial mailbox solution for your project. 

The MSF is our best-selling commercial mailbox, chances are you've seen them on a project before. Our original A4 letterbox is a cost-effective solution to suit most applications from multi-bank commercial letterboxes through to individual boxes.

We work with businesses, property developers, architects and councils to provide premium products that are built to last and designed to your specifications. Contact us to see how we can assist with your project.

Featuring a 2mm surround frame with the external rivets and screws counter-sunk for safety and appearance, this model is perfect for streamlined design installations. 

  • Meets Australia Post design requirements
  • Portrait, landscape and newspaper bay variants available
  • Available with either front or rear opening (excluding MSF3L)
  • Masterkey system
  • Lifetime key replacement and parts servicing

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MSF2 Mailsafe Mailbox diagramMSF3 Mailsafe Mailbox diagramMSF4 Mailsafe Mailbox diagram

Drawings are not to scale.